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Crimson Trace Gunsite Event Videos

Since I’ve posted the videos of my adventures at Gunsite on a couple different YouTube accounts, I figured I would tie them all together in one post here for quick reference. All of the following videos feature yours truly. Enjoy!

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A Peek Inside my Camera Bag

I used to use a CountyComm bag to carry all my camera stuff, but after SHOT Show last year I concluded that it just wasn’t cutting it for what I needed to get all the cool pictures and video that I post on TTAG. For the last few months I’ve been trying out a new bag from Civilian Lab and its been doing pretty awesome, and since I’m on a plane to Arizona this week to film some more awesome stuff I thought I would pull back the curtain and show you what’s in my sack…

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Testing Out the GoPro Hero3 on the Range

I just got a Hero3 from GoPro and wanted to test it out. I’ll be in Arizona next week filming some stuff, so it made sense to make sure I knew how everything worked. Not exactly TTAG worthy, but a fun video nonetheless.

300 BLK Glamour Shots

I’m fairly certain that my rifle is awesome. In fact, I’m convinced. So I took some pictures of it (and some other good looking rifles) at a recent range trip and they came out pretty sweet. So I wanted to share!