A week on the prarie

Minnesota, especially Minneapolis, is extremely odd.

On Thursday night, the family and I went to the Guthrie, the cultural center of Minneapolis, to see a play called “The Government Inspector,” which was very funny and very enjoyable. But the interesting thing was that this newly built cultural center was erected right next to a fully-functional grain elevator, only a few blocks from city hall. That this city has developed into a modern city, with blanket municipal WiFi, a new light rail system, and the best public library in the nation, while still maintaining the feel of a small town and the typical Midwest accoutrements that go with it, is interesting. I get the feeling that the reason has something to do with the fact that farmland is only a few miles outside the city, and allows for outward growth more than the confines of New York City.

We also looked at Carleton College for Juli. She loved it, but as a Penn State undergrad, I could never go to a small college. It just seems too small to me.

1 PM flight back to JFK, then time to start packing for Penn State.

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