Penn State 2600 information

So for those who are still a bit fuzzy on what’s going on with PSU2600, here’s where we are:

We’ve applied for official Penn State recognition as a club on campus. The application was turned in last Wednesday, with the promise of having a response within 14 days. Approved constitution here.

We’ve decided to try for IST student organization status. We’re drafting the proposal that we need to submit to the Dean, if anyone has any ideas for language, let me know.

The lockpick tools we ordered are supposed to be on their way. We’ve purchased 50 sets (including a pick, a rake, a half diamond and a torque wrench in each kit), of which about 12 are spoken for by pre-orders. As soon as I get the picks, the price will be going up from $20 to $25 due to the “annoyance fee”, which is the fee I tack on because I’m storing them in my room, and I can’t imagine them taking up any less space than a TV, hence “annoyance”. As promised, all profits will be donated to PSU2600.

The next meeting will be December 5 at 5 PM in the HUB above the sushi place. The lockpicking kits will be there, along with the club’s supply of locks. But we will hopefully be discussing much more than just lockpicking, so come with questions and hopefully leave with answers.

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