4th of July in NYC

After an excellent meal at Virgil’s last night, I took Cat back home for a Battlestar galactica marathon, then dropped her at the train this morning.

For the 4th, I was invited up to the US headquarters of RAI, the Italian television channel, to watch the fireworks in New York City. The new headquarters is in the top few floors of the old AT&T building, with a pair of pretty cool radio towers on the roof. When we walked in, we saw this mural on the wall and I couldn’t resist snapping a shot:

AT&T Mural

When we got up to the 25th floor, we realized that me and my family stuck out like a sore thumb. Everyone was dressed in fashionable clothes, all of the women were young and beautiful, and everyone spoke Italian, except for us. There was a patio on the roof that gave us a great view of the city:

NYC from RAI

Before the fireworks, they brought out some gelato imported specially from Italy that was really, really good. Then it got a little darker, and we waited for th fireworks to start:

The fireworks would have been great, but there wasn’t much wind, and all the smoke stayed put, blocking us from seeing them. After a while, the gigantic cloud of smoke started to drift over the city, blocking out the view of midtown, and shrouding the city in a London-esque fog. But the illegal fireworks all around the city kept us entertained while the cloud obscured our view. Afterwards, we high-tailed it outta there and came straight home. Kind of disappointing, but better than celebrating “dominion day”.

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