“Ask Foghorn” Success Story: Jeff’s First AK

I write a regular series of articles over at The Truth About Guns titled “Ask Foghorn” where the readers submit a question and I get to pontificate on the answer. Normally that’s the last I ever hear from the readers, but once in a while I’ll get an email expressing gratitude for setting them on the right path. This email is in response to some good advice in my “Ask Foghorn: Best AK-47 for First Time Commie Milsurp Owners?” article.

Hey Nick, how are you?

Well, I got it. GP1975 sitting right here next to my desk. Got a minute? Let me tell you a little about it.

I took your advice, went ahead and ordered the GP from J&G. Took about a week and a half to show up. During that time I started reading up as much as I could about AK’s in general and the GP specifically. And what I found got me, well, a little concerned. Almost all of the online forums just flat out bashed that poor rifle. I mean there is no love anywhere for anything that is either Century or GP. Saying my GP was a flat out piece of shit would be sincere kindness compared to most of what I was reading. I didn’t get it. We don’t know each other but I trust the advice you gave me and was about 99 & 44/100% sure you wouldn’t send me off to buy a crappy gun. Soooo…

I went on the YewTubes and watched everything I could find there about a GP. And most of that seemed pretty positive. Now I’m confused, what goes on here? My solution – just hang on, don’t get my britches in a bunch and see what shows up at my LGS when the package arrived.

Arrive it did, home it comes and I break it out to see what I got. And what I got is, in my humble opinion, a damn nice rifle for $490.00, shipping and transfer included!! I cleaned it up real good, taught myself how to take it apart, clean/lube and put it back together, big fun for me since this is the first AK I’ve ever even held in my hands. After a week of playing with it (haven’t shot it yet) I began to wonder if I was missing something. So I posted on the PAFOA forum and basically asked if my gun was maybe crappy and I just didn’t realize it. Several people answered back and said not to listen to two syllables of nonsense on the AK forums about the GP, that it’s an excellent entry level AK and that there isn’t much of anything else I could’ve bought for that money that would match the quality of what I have.

Seriously, it’s a nice gun. Solid, well put together, trigger is fine, everything seems to work the way it’s supposed to. The sights line up straight. It came with a cleaning rod. The magazine doesn’t wobble around too too much. I know the barrel isn’t chromed but as long as I clean it the same day I shoot it that shouldn’t be an issue, right?

A few minor complaints, the furniture is crappy looking but that’s OK because I want to get some junk wood stuff and refinish it as a project. There are some deep machining marks in the gas block by the sights but that adds… character? I think it does! The black finish will come off if I even brush it with my shirt sleeve but so what. This guy is NOT a safe queen. I’ll be heading over to a friends in two weeks to do some shooting and see how it runs. Can’t wait.

So thanks Nick for the advice. I am glad I bought this gun and I would buy it again in a New York second. Hell, I’d buy a second one just to have if I could afford it.

One more question for you, what should I buy for my next AK? The only thing I have to have on my second one is a milled receiver, a chromed barrel and anything else I’m open to. Suggestions? I’ll drop you another message after I get a chance to shoot this gun and let you know how it went. I expect all good things and doubt I will be disappointed.

Thanks again!!


Even though I don’t get paid for writing for the site, emails like this make it worth it. Well, that and the free ammo, the free junkets, industry parties, steep discounts…

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