IDS Configuration for Beginners (BSides San Antonio 2018)

This past weekend I presented a talk at BSides San Antonio titled “IDS Configuration for Beginners.” Here’s the abstract from the conference website:

Whether you’re securing your home network or a corporate campus an Intrusion Detection Sensor (IDS) is a great tool to detect and identify threats on your network such as brute force attacks, malware infections, and active intrusions by malicious actors. In this talk we will discuss where to place your IDS for maximum effectiveness, a brief discussion of some IDS solutions on the market, and walk through a basic IDS configuration live on stage.

There was a good bit of command line configuration in the presentation, so as I said I’ve published the slides here below for everyone to see and use. I will be updating this post with the video of the presentation as soon as it is posted.

Thanks to everyone who attended!

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